Safety Razor & What You Must Know About It
A safety razor can be described as a shaving tool with a guard that slides along the surface of the skin so as to control the razor blade amount that one is exposed to. Because of this, it greatly lowers the chances of being injured while shaving.

The benefits of a safety razor

Aside from keeping you safe from injury, a safety razor comes with many other benefits as follows:

Affordability - Although the unit is expensive when first buying one, it becomes cost-efficient in the long term. When you already have the razor, you don't have to change the entire unit, but only the blades and these are priced reasonably.  
Steady shaves - A usual complaint of men as well as women is non-consistent shaves. This is not a problem with safety razors. Get more info on double edge razor blades. Such units are made to stretch the skin through some rubberized layer of "microfins" which lifts the hair then slices it off slightly somewhere underneath the surface of the skin. The razor can achieve steady contact that protects the skin against ingrown hair, razor burn or razor bumps.  

Benefits to the environment - Razor experts claim that a safety razor consumes lesser cartridges. In other words, there is going to be less garbage to dispose of. Safety razors use single metal razor blades that can be recycled easily, and thus are beneficial for the environment.
Important points to consider when using a safety razor.

In order to fully enjoy its benefits, one must use a safety razor properly. An important thing to remember is not to push it down into the skin or beard. A safety razor can cause irritation or bleeding when used close to the skin and will not produce good results if you apply too much force on it, unlike the other types of razors. Just apply light pressure and allow the blade to glide gently across the face.  
Whenever shaving, make sure that the blade travels across the area of your beard at a 30-degree angle, more or less. The rule is to use light strokes to where the hair is growing.

To lessen abrasion between the skin and the razor, it is recommended to apply pre-shave oil of high quality, otherwise soap or gel, prior to shaving. Click here  to get more info. This will facilitate for the razor to glide more efficiently and it will not only allow a closer shave, but serve to protect the skin as well.

For best results, one is advised to change the blades every couple of weeks. Ideally, you should be changing the blades after 5 or 7 shaves. When the blades are replaced regularly, they stay sharp. In effect you get to have close and comfortable shaves all the time. Learn more from